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Sue Romas
Data and Research Manager
EAC Staff
Shveta Miller
Professional Learning Facilitator
EAC Staff
Renae Guenther
Program Analyst for Tribal Nations Educator Collaborative
EAC Staff
April Negrette
Tribal Nations Educator Collaborative Coordinator
EAC Staff
Kimberly Matier
Executive Director
EAC Staff
Angela Bluhm
Educator Programs Analyst
EAC Staff
Elizabeth Castillo-Lopez
Executive Assistant to the Director
EAC Staff
Emily McCaffrey
Chief of Policy and Systems
EAC Staff
Lynne Gardner
Director of Program Development and Assessment
EAC Staff
Mercedes Jones
Director of Professional Learning
EAC Staff
Horalia Rangel
Oregon Teacher Scholars Program Coordinator
EAC Staff
Belle Koskela
Chair, K12 Educator
Colt Gill
Standing Director, Department of Education
EAC Director
Andi Bales Molnar
Standing Director, Early Learning Division
Anthony Rosilez
Standing Director, Teacher Standards & Practices
EAC Director
Veronica Dujon
Standing Director, Higher Education Coordinating Commission
Jana Giles
Elementary School Teacher Director
EAC Director
Ardis Clark
Middle School Teacher Director
EAC Director
DeeJay Juarez
High School Teacher Director
EAC Director
Michele Oakes
K12 Educator Director
EAC Director